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  • Denkmalgeschützter Bauernhhof Daiml mit Ferienwohnungen in Völs am Schlern

As it all began

… from then until now

The farm „Daimlhof“ was built in 1477. The name Cristl Deiml was first mentioned in 1545.

It is presumed that it could be a petname of the name Diemo.

Ferienwohnungen in den Mauern des denkmalgeschützten Bauernhofs
Daimlhof am Fuße des Schlerns in der Ferienregion Seiser Alm

In the late medieval

There is even an older nomination in the local village book of Völs: In 1477 Hainrich Deyml at the Dewmls mill.

The Daimlhof – as it is called today – in the late medieval had to pay an annual ground rent to the land lords in Völs. The Deimlhof has grown together from 2 or 3 small farms all owned by the landlords of Völs.

What happened to the Daimlhof afterwards…
the world wars and the last century

Walter`s great-grandpa Jakob Kritzinger, died in 1917. He left his wife Anna Kritzinger who led the farm on her own together with their 3 children Anna, Hans and Theresia Kritzinger.

Hans died in the second world war in 1943, this broke his mother `s heart and she died soon after in 1944.

Eingangstür des Daimlhofs zu dem Bauernhof mit Ferienwohnungen
Ausblick aus unseren Apartments in Seis am Schlern

Walter`s  grandmother Anna, Hans’ sister, took over the farm, got married to Josef Pigneter, the shepherd of this area.

They had 3 children: Cecilia (Walter`s mother), Franz and Toni.

The post-war period

After the war Anna Kritzinger carried on the farm until giving it to her son Franz in 1984. When he died in 2014 the farm was inherited by his nephew Walter Weissenegger.

The flour mill

In 1955 there was built a tool shed and a flour mill. Since then all the walling of the Daimlhof have remained unchanged until Walter Weissenegger, today`s farm owner, restored and rebuilt the farm together with his father in elaborate and caring manual work.

Now in summer 2021 the farm Daimlhof in Völs will be opened for our guests with 3 very special holiday apartments.

Visit and experience the unique flair oft he Daimlhof farm!

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