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  • Daimlhof - Denkmalgeschützter Bauernhof mit Ferienwohnungen in Völs am Schlern
  • Der Daimlhof mit Blick ins Tal bei Ums in Völs am Schlern
  • Der Stadel des Daimlhofs in Ums

Our farm

The „Daimlhof“ in Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern

The passionate farmer daddy Walter takes care of the animals on the farm and cultivates the farm`s meadows and forest.

The farm`s soul mum Paula looks after the well-being of the guests and the holiday flats on the farm. She loves to decorate the house inside and outside with natural material and herbs. She is also a passionate hiking guide and skier.

Daughter Lia is a pupil and a passionate skier. She loves the animals on the farm especially her cat Vicky.

Son Fabian is also a pupil and he likes helping on the farm. He is a very enthusiastic soccer player.

Life on our farm

The animals on the farm

Our farm is the home of the horse Valentina, the cow and the calves Resi, Trixi and Lotti as well as the cat Vicky.


Pferd Valentina am Daimlhof
Kühe im Stall am Baurnhof Daimlhof mit Ferienwohnungen

Experience the farm life very closely

The children are allowed to help to bring in the hay, to feed the animals or to help to do other work on the farm. If we are not in the stable the animals rest and shouldn`t be desturbed.